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#honestly i can’t take people criticizing derek for this #look how much it hurts him #but it’s the only way #the only way he knows how to push Isaac away #you can’t react to this with ‘fuck you derek #you knew his father abused him’ #fuck yes he knew #he’s the one who smelled the fear on that teenage boy when nobody had a clue #Isaac had an abusive father and Derek knew #and Derek knows that Isaac doesn’t have anyone but him now #they’re family #and Isaac trusts Derek but more than that he wants Derek to be proud #to not regret his choice of giving him the bite #because Isaac was always a big disappointment to his father #wasn’t he #he couldn’t do anything right #but here maybe he could #maybe he could be what Derek needs #maybe they could be a family #broken but together #and Derek knows the only way to make Isaac go without question is to behave like this #and it fucking hurts ok #it hurts on both parts #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t break derek’s heart #don’t fucking look at me

l m a o no

i’m sorry if you’re seriously going to prioritize the feelings of someone who is consistently physically abusive, using his strength and size to intimidate those smaller and/or less strong than him, over a canonical abuse survivor who derek is manipulating through what looks like deliberate triggering

for! whatever! reasons! FOR WHATEVER FUCKING REASONS.

like. i don’t understand how this even begins to be an acceptable line of reasoning

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  3. sixtytwoseconds said: I love the show but I really can’t stand 2/3rds of the fandom ._. I like Derek for the potential of redemption he has, not because of who he is rn because he does a fuck ton of shitty things, and this one I will never forgive, no.matter.what
  4. blackantiheroine said: "he’s the one who smelled the fear on that teenage boy" and capitalized on it to strengthen himself
  5. lire said: i just don’t get how people can still excuse his behavior like this???? like i’m just still so furious with his behavior and seeing like sterek fans just bawl over his feelings I JUST FUCKING CAN’T
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